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 ''Excellent Prep Course. Took my Step 2 CS just after my 3rd yr. My exam was very           close to the practice cases and mock test with iusmle live workshop New York Center. 
Very hands-on prep course''

 Adria Veronica, MS3

 Iusmle live workshop                                  Event Gallery

  1. Physical exam
    Ear examination with Standardized patient
  2. Practice mock exam
    Taking history from SP
  3. Visual field exam
    Practicing use of opthalmoscope
  4. Pulmonary exam
    Practicing use of stethoscope: pulmonary exam
  5. clinical skills practice
    Focussed History taking from SP
  6. CS Mock exam
    Simulated mock exam: Case summary session
  7. Clinical Skills:
    Fostering Patient-doctor relationship; hand shake, eye contact, smile
  8. Our Live Clinical Skills Center
    Iusmle New york Center

Our Packages

P atient Note Grader- Standard
  • Step2 CS Patient note Grader
  • Accessible anywhere
  • Template on how the boards score your PN on CS exam
  • Know where you rank on ICE (PN) before your test
  • Patient note graded by well experienced MD's
  • PN score points for all 4 sections ( HPI, PE, DDX,
  • Justification of DDX, Work up /Plans)- no detailed feedback

          Discounted Rates now: Register & check out via Paypal 

      US$ 20.00  now US$9.99/per PN
      US$ 200.00 now US$99.99/ 15 PN's grading

P atient Note Grader- Gold
  • Detailed Step2 CS Patient note grader+ expanded feedback
  • Accessible anywhere
  • Patient note graded by well experienced MD's
  • Expert feedback to improve your note typing skills 
  • Free sample P-note template with this package
  • ​Get  section by section feedback - HPI, PE, DDX, Findings, Plans                                                                                                              

        US $ 44.9  now $19.99/per PN
        US $400 now $199.99/ 15 PN's 

      Online patient note eval + feedback/24hrs service
      Register & complete payment via Paypal  & send ur notes today!  

                Great way to improve your ICE score
             Discounted Rates now: Register & check out via Paypal

L ive Workshop- Standard
  • 2-days event
    One day of interactive clinical skills session (18 commonly tested live cases)+ One day of full mock exam
    (12- case Mock exam)
  • Patient note typing skills
  • Detailed SP's feedback
  • Patient note eval.+ feedback
  • IUSMLE high yield cases

    ​US $ 1300 now $999 

L ive Workshop- Gold
  • 2 days of interactive clinical skills session (>30 High Yield  live cases)+ 2 days  of full mock exam (24- case Mock exam)
  • Personalized 1 on 1 training
  • Patient note typing skills
  • Detailed SP's feedback
  • Patient note eval.+ feedback
  • IUSMLE high yield cases
       US$ 1700 now $1399

O ne Day Mock Exam
  • ​​Full simulated CS Mock  exam
  • High Yield (Commomnly tested Cases)
  • 12 Full simulated cases
  • Get Expert Eval +MD's, SP's Feedback    
  • Get Graded based on CIS, SEP, ICE Score report sheet 

       US $ 1000 now $699 

Upcoming New York Live Workshop dates : OCT 18-21st,  NOV  15-18th,  DEC 6-9th
Los Angeles  Live Course Dates : NOV 10-13th, DEC  15-18th
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About Us

Why Integrity USMLE Course

: Very detailed Patient note evaluation with expanded feedback and focused physical exam technique
P-Note evaluation:  We send you a copy of HIGH YIELD CASES. Designed to be studied and to compose a Patient Note sent to us for evaluation and feedback even before your LIVE Workshop training.
Physical exam technique training: we train you on focused systemic precise physical exam .

CIS: We use a standard checklist that mirrors Step 2 CS in every form. We give clear, honest feedback based on case encounters, vitals CIS tips “Fake it till you become it’’
We adopt the most effective checklist that mirrors the Step 2 CS scoring system. 

SEP: 1 on 1 spoken English Training Classes by qualified Americans, designed to improve your SEP in days

patient note cs

Integrity usmle course is a program that uses standardized patients to simulate clinical cases for familiarizing medical students and doctors with the feel of step2 CS exam.

step 2 cs review


step 2 cs new york

Most up-to-date to the main Step 2 CS exam
We always updating our Step 2 materials to reflect the changes on the USMLE CS exam.
We prepare our students for current changes on Step 2 CS exam

Class Size
Small class sizes to enable us give more personalized focus and individualized attention to the students

step 2 cs results

Teaching Style
We adopt a practical more interactive teaching style with proven results and keep you totally engaged, eager to learn
Compared to the generic PowerPoint prototype: we adopt unique teaching style whereby we use practical interactive approach
the MD’s and the students would basically sit down and discuss the  cases
         - How the students view the cases
         - How they would present each section on the exam


''I'm Dr. Jose Ortiz, an internist for +35 years
We're committed to training with the most-up-to-date information on Step 2 cs exam''​

Student Testimonials

''Splendid, very hands-on clinical experience. I attended the May 26th event and practiced lots of clinical cases, learnt how to improve my patient note typing speed and skills. I feel is very personalized and very well structured for the main exam. Had my main exam 2 weeks ago and did well. Hope my result would be great too, thanks!''

Dr. K. Joanne

''Excellent Prep Course. From Day one I knew I had made the right decision to enroll. Very dedicated team of professionals, most high yield materials and cases''

Adria Veronica, MS3

''You can benefit from my decades of clinical experience seeing 'Real patients' and training residents and medical students through our monthly course. We will be addressing all aspects of the main exam, with emphasis on history taking skills, physical exam skills, communication skills and note typing skills''

Dr. Abdul Akhand,MD

Family Practice/Pediatrician +25 years practice

''Every student including those without US clinical experience has the potential to pass this test on the first attempt. We will guide you every step of the way. We want you to approach this test well prepared and pass with high performance score. Your success story is our success story''

Dr. O. Gideon U, MD
USMLE Step 2 CS Proctor +3 years 

More Student Testimonials

Introducing Dr. I. Yarde, ER Physician (+15yrs) and a great resource to Step 2 CS classes( +5yrs)

​Our classes are taught by well experienced MD’S. Mostly US/Caribbean trained MD’S at the moment

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