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''I can tell you I have gained indepth understanding of how to make a great patient note and handling of most commonly tested cases on Step 2 CS exam. I'm confident that I would do well on the main exam.''
Dr. J. Halili 
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''Hello Dr. George,
I took the exam on June 15th 2016 in Philadelphia. Just got my result today & I passed!
Thank You very much''

Ibrahim A Husain

''I got very HIGH PERFORMANCE on my Step 1 result score!! I couldn't have done it without your tutor sessions,  and intensive training course. Great review course, highly recommended. I never knew this would be possible with only 2.5 months of persoanl studying and Iusmle tutor sessions. This course gave me the courage and experience to understand uworld qbank and ace my Step 1 exam. Thanks iUSMLE Course!''
Dr. Ashfad Reddy

Student's testimonials

''Excellent Prep Course. Took my Step 2 CS just after my 3rd yr. My exam was very close  to the high yield cases with iusmle course. Your online patient note feedback is next to nothing. It really helped me in my ICE and CIS performances. Highly recommended prep course''

Adria Veronica, MS3

I found out that I passed my Step 2 CS examination WITH HIGH       PERFORMANCE!! Great review course. My first time to the US, no US clinical rotations or observership. This course gave me everything I needed, so excited . Thanks iUSMLE Course!

​Dr. Keerthi Jaliparthi, MBBS

Took my test after this review course, I had less than 2-weeks to study and practice. Passed my test on first attempt. The note typing training worked great for me. I'm used to completing my Patient note in 14-15 mins but after this course, I was finishing in just 8-9mins.That was my greatest motivation. I passed good. Thanks Dr. O.G. your program is highly recommended. Love your SP's feedback, really prepared me for my test. Thanks!

Dr. Vapiwala Abdul, MBBS

Excellent and the best online CS Course. They give you everything you need to be knowledgeable, confident and go for the best on this test. Great Program, keep up the good work.

Dr. Adria Alexandria
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''I'm Dr. Jose Ortiz, an internist for +35 years
We're committed to training with the most-up-to-date information on all USMLE Steps exam''​​

''You can benefit from my decades of clinical experience seeing 'Real patients' and training residents and medical students through our monthly course. We will be addressing all aspects of the main exam, with emphasis on history taking skills, physical exam skills, communication skills and note typing skills''
Dr. Abdul Akhand, MD
Family Practice/Pediatrician +25 years practice

'Every student including those without US clinical experience has the potential to pass this test on the first attempt. We will guide you every step of the way.​ Our classes are taught by well experienced MD’S. Mostly US/Caribbean trained MD’S at the moment- iusmle team

​​Our team are well experienced and dedicated Tutors, who have proven records of successfully coaching hundreds of medical students and foreign medical graduates on USMLE Step exams.
Our online learning sessions is well designed to cover High Yield exam concepts. 
With thousands of Uworld qbank concepts practically explained.
All disciplines are presented in exam-like pattern to stimulate effective learning and improve understanding. 
More than 14 attending physicians with exceptional records of success in their specialties in leading US hospitals worked together to produce our new Step 2 CK study guide and 'High Yield' concept-based learning for the benefit of medical students and foreign medical graduates.

Introducting a new way of learning for USMLE Step 1 & 2 CK exams